Stuff . . . . 03-09-2017

Still, there is so much STUFF in my house.

When Mom passed away, I remember my older brother saying, “WE need to get everything out of the condo by early September!” My answer?  “Yeah and I see WE doing that from where you are.”

Yes, everything was left up to me, the woman of the family; my younger brother barely stepped foot back into the place during the entire process; he told us what he wanted and we never saw him again, even though he’s the one who lives in the same general vicinity.

I spent every single weekend of that Summer in NY.  The first thing I did was go through all her clothes; 28 bags of clothing was dropped off at Good Will.  Top of the line clothing too; Mom was always dressed nicely, she knew how to pull things together for that just ‘perfect’ look.  And it turns out she was still altering all her clothing right on up to the day she had her stroke and broke her hip.  I found pins in oodles of clothes she was going to alter, but hadn’t gotten around to yet.

She used to send us articles, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, articles she thought might be of interest to us.  She didn’t own a computer; she did things the old fashioned way.  She’d sit down, write a quick note about the article, stick it in an envelope and snail mail it to us.  That was the first thing I said to the boys when she passed away, “No more articles in the mail from Grandma.”

There was a lot of paper in Mom’s place; afterall, she was a Secretary and a Court Reporter before the age of computers and spent a lot of time typing and sending paperwork to clients of court proceedings.  There was paper and envelopes and staples and paper clips and manila folders . . . you name it, she had it.  I didn’t have time during the clean-out to go through it all, so I packed it all into boxes and brought it to my home.  Besides, Mom was notorious for stuffing her valuables inside inconsequential items.  I thought for sure I’d find some of her jewelry in the coffee grounds in the freezer.  Surprise!  They weren’t there, just coffee.

While gabbing with my older brother another evening after it was almost all cleared out, I told him I had boxes everywhere in my Livingroom; it was so bad, I felt like a mouse in a maze; he laughed.  I told him my house is only 1,008 square feet; he said his Livingroom is a 1,000 square feet.  Wow!

I shredded another three bags of “stuff” today.  Yay!  I vowed to do something productive today.  It was either paperwork or work on the next vest; that’s a story in itself which needs to be told.  Perhaps next time.

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