Funky Spices in my Cooking [03-11-17]

I don’t cook!

Okay, maybe I actually DO cook, but I don’t know spices.  I don’t know which spices go with what foods so I experiment.

My ex was a cook; in fact, all my ex’s were cooks, but my ex-hubby hated when I experimented.  Every now and again, he’d take a bite of something and say, “You weren’t experimenting in the kitchen again tonight, were you?”  “Sure I was, why?  Tastes just fine to me.”  “What did you put in this?”  His expression or remark were along the lines of, “Ewwww!  Don’t do that anymore, okay?”

See?  I cook, but . . . .

Well, I’ve been on Weight Watcher’s for over a year now and not much is budging off my body; maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s the Type 2 Diabetes or the meds I’m on, maybe it’s because I was eating processed meals daily, maybe it’s because I don’t move as much as I should . . . .  Lots of maybe’s there . . . .

I don’t watch TV so I get my news online daily and was reading an article about a guy who lost over 100 pounds; I like to know what they’re doing correctly in hopes it’ll help me in my weight loss.  Afterall, you lost a 100 pounds, I want to know how.  The man said the KEY for him was, “If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to cook.”  Aha!  I can cook!  Sort of; I mean, it’s not rocket science, just follow the directions.  It’s when I stop following directions and start adding my own when things tend to go awry.

My step-Mom is an awesome cook; we do Christmas in January here at my home because we’re all pulled in too many different directions during the actual holidays and flights are cheaper in January than in December too.  ANYWAY . . .  the family was here and I was going to ‘roast’ the brussel sprouts; I hate brussel sprouts, but I heard they’re good for you and I tried the roasted ones at my step-brother’s home the prior year’s T-Day and kind of liked them, so I started making them for myself, but again, I hate brussel sprouts so they can’t actually taste like brussel sprouts for me to eat them.  I was gabbing away with my Step-Mom about the guy who lost 100 pounds, blah, blah, blah . . .  I told her how I thought Italian people know their spices, so I decided to add them to my brussel sprouts.   I was adding garlic powder, parsley and basil to the bowl with the brussel sprouts and the olive oil in it.  She was looking at me weird and finally said, “Have you done this before?”  “Yes.”  “And you’ve eaten them?”  “Yes.”  “And you’ve liked them?”  “Yes.”  I could see she was thinking along the same lines as my ex.

Reminds me of the cereal commercial with Mikey in it.  Remember?  I think it was a Chex commercial where three boys are sitting at the kitchen table, two older and one younger, looking at the cereal box on the table.  One looks at the other and says, “What’s this?”  The other one says, “Some new cereal, it’s supposed to be good for you.”  “Did you try it?”  “I’m not going to try it.”  The other one pipes up and says, “Hey, let’s get Mikey to try it.”  “He won’t like it, he hates everything.”  So they pour him a bowlful, add milk and wait.  Mikey starts munching away.  Mikey likes it!

In the end, she raved about them; said they were the BEST brussel sprouts she ever ate!  Even went back for seconds.

Today . . . . 03-11-17, I invented:

Chix ala Apple Sauce_03-11-17_My Creation

I posted on FB : “I did some more funky cooking tonight; came out AWESOME!”

I had three strips of chix from the other night that didn’t fit in the pan. I noticed my chix were getting dried out after a few days in the fridge and then re-heating them in the micro for lunch so I tried something new. You’re going to think this is really weird, but it was DELICIOUS!

I added some olive oil to the pan, put it on medium-to-high heat, then I put the chix strips in (all 3 fit in the smaller skillet with a little room to spare). Then I decided to add some dried parm cheese and flipped the chix a few times in it, then I decided to add some of the onions I had left from last week, then I decided to add something to keep it moist, so I added one of my Musselmann’s Apple Sauce 1/2 cups to it, then I added another 1 and half of them. Then I sprinkled some cinnamon over the top (more came out than I actually planned to use though). Then I cut the chicken up into chucks and turned the heat down to medium and let the chix chunks cook, turning frequently.  I made a sweet potato too. YUM!

D ~

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