THE Vests are DONE -June 2017


Buttons Done_Blue Vest_May 28-17


Maroon Vest_Done_02-14-17

Finally, THE vests are DONE!  Yay!

I am a basic seamstress and I haven’t sewn anything from an actual pattern in over 30 years.

When my friend from work asked if I could make her two vests?  My answer was “Certainly.”  Today, my answer would be, “I only sew for myself.”  Ah yes, we sometimes learn the hard way, don’t we?  Though I’ve got to say I learned an awful lot making those two vests and all I can say is ‘Thank Goodness for u-Tube and the Internet.’  Without them, those vests would not have been made or come out as beautifully as they did.  I learned how to make a lined vest, how to make seamless seams and what to do when the button-holer on your sewing machine decides to take a vacation.  Those vests came out so nice that even a very good friend of mine said, “WOW!  These are beautiful!  How much are you charging?”  Oh no . . . .  I already learned my lesson, thank you.  The only way you’re going to get a vest out of me is if that original size 14 fits you!

That blue one was the challenging one; I hemmed and hawed over how to make that collar f o r e v e r and it truly wasn’t even the collar that was the issue; it was the lapels.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to add the lapels (actually the facing) to the vest itself; I kept ending up with a raw edge, then one Sunday morn, in my early waking hours, I thought, “Who taught you how to sew?  You’re an idiot!  Right sides together.”  It worked!  What an idiot I was being and guess what?  The collar and the lapels never actually met; they were two separate entities, unlike the tutorials I was seeing online, but the instructions that came with the pattern were so horrendous that I never could have/would have figured it out from just those alone.  They didn’t explain a lot and again, sans the internet, that collared vest never would have come together.  In fact, at one point I was so frustrated by the entire process that I gave up!  I went into work and told my friend I could make it like the maroon one, but she wasn’t getting the blue vest with a collar.

With that weight lifted from my shoulders, I decided a vest wasn’t going to get the best of me and went back for one more try.  Mind you, this had been going on since last October when I agreed to make these vests, which reminds me . . .  I’ve got write out the Bill for them too.  I ripped out more seams than I think I even sewed, but as you can see everything turned out just fine.

Now, on to making my OWN vest, which is where this whole thing started.

D  ~



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