Writing my own Quips_091218

September 12, 2018

Yes, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted . . .

Too long, actually  . . .  I agree!

I’ve found myself sharing other folks’ Inspirational Quotes more and more and realized I could actually WRITE & DESIGN my own.

This evening’s creation is:  What is Compatibility?

My question at the end is simple.  I’d been seeing someone who lives 700 miles from me who decided we are not compatible due to the distance between us.  Silly man! Compatibility is not measurable in miles . . .

We were actually so compatible it was almost uncanny . . . I think it scared him; I KNOW it scared the crap out of me!  Right down to favorite flavors:  such as butterscotch, black licorice and Mounds bars; Fruits, like pineapples, peaches and lemons.  There were quite a few more similarities I cannot think of at this particular moment.  Who likes all those things?

Little by little I could feel him pulling away, like a gauze padded bandage with dried blood you’d left on too long and you knew ripping it off would hurt like the dickens, so ever so slowly you tugged on it . . . . hoping it wouldn’t hurt or re-open the wound . . . .  In the end?  It hurt over and over and over again as he continued to return, thinking this time he wouldn’t be lonely, thinking this time it’ll work out . . .  In the end?  He just stopped calling and walked away.

But were we ever incompatible?  No!  Never!

Creativity is my niche!  Writing is my niche! 

I shall continue to SHARE my Quips with you here on my blog.  I am back!

Till next time . . . .

D  ~

PS:  All you Southerners in the Carolina's?  Be Safe!  Prayers & Peace! 
               Florence is in the neighborhood.




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