. . . and the Journey Begins

October 4, 2020

It’s been a long year! After moving to South Carolina from Connecticut, August of 2019, I’ve been emptying containers (just 30 more to go) and pulling my newly built home together. I actually threw out most of the furniture I paid to have shipped here from up North, to the tune of $10K.

What I find interesting . . . is the tone of my home décor totally changed from Country to more of a Modern Eclectic style with the mere change of sofa/loveseat and the addition of a large canvas picture on the wall in the Dining Area.

Friends of mine [from High School] who own a Framing Business hung all the artwork in my home. The name of their online shop is Billy Bees Art; they make frames from re-purposed wood and they offer picture hanging services in the surrounding areas of Myrtle Beach, SC. They’ve got an Etsy account at: billybeesart.etsy.com where you can view and purchase their wares.

The reason behind the fact I’ve still got 30 containers to empty, is actually quite simple, really. The last thing I want to do is go through the “stuff” (there’s that word again), the boxes/containers I merely taped up for ‘some day, when I have time’. Unfortunately for me, that ‘time’ in my life has arrived. And yet, I can find a million excuses WHY I cannot possibly open up those boxes/containers to go through them, though two weeks ago, there were actually 36 full containers to get through, so I AM making progress! *

In between, I joined a Meet-Up Group; I attend church on Sundays; I joined the local Recreation Center, though with Pandemic, I am just starting to get back into the swing of things there; I am walking between 3-5 miles daily, and some days even further now that the humidity has subsided here in the South. Just this past Friday, I did 6.8 miles. I’ve also done some sewing for folks in my community. [One needed a couple of king-sized pillowcases to become standard size pillowcases and another asked me to hem some cotton fabric so she can continue on her quest to reducing her footprint on the world’s trash dilemma. Mentioned she’s down to half a bag of trash weekly for two people.]

I’ve got four chapters written of my auto-biography and 45 chapters written in a love story that is in the semi-editing stage; I just need to add convos to it. The backstory is similar to real life, while the romantic scenes are figments of my characters’ imagination. I am having fun with it. It’s a start into my Writing Career, my first love! I have given the first four chapters of each book to a variety of people, from all walks of life, and the general consensus is . . . “AND . . .”, similar to “Where’s the rest of the story?” Oh, that’s easy; it hasn’t been written yet; they’re telling me to ‘hop to it’. It’s very exciting to me that folks are seeking more of what’s inside of me, what’s yet to be written, ‘A Part of Me to Share’.

Yes, I escaped, again, but am now back, settling in . . . . to my new life, my new home, my new norm!

D ~


* Updated 01-08-2021: I am now (proudly) down to 16 containers and at least 2-3 need to stay ‘as is’, full, and I may be able to shove them into a closet (I’ve oodles of them now).

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