Dating ~ January 17, 2021

I’m trying to date again; a super frustrating task. There are millions and millions of folks on those “Dating Sites”, all seeking just ONE person they may ‘connect’ with.

Men, willing to relocate across the country to date someone they’ve never met. What’s up with that? To me, that’s just creepy. Are they so lonely that they’ll uproot their entire lives and move, simply for a maybe, a chance? Oh! I am certain there are women out there willing to do the same; in fact, I could almost bet there are a lot more women willing to make that move, than men. But seriously?

Was out to lunch with friends this past week (there’s a new woman in the group) and we were discussing those dating sites and women we’ve known whom have been scammed on those sites.

LADIES? STOP & THINK about what someone is asking of you . . . DO NOT become a VICTIM of a SCAM the POLICE CANNOT STOP! ONLY YOU CAN!!! Never buy anything! Never ship anything! Never send money anywhere! NEVER! I don’t care how desperate they sound! DON’T DO IT! They are NOT YOUR PROBLEM, but it will be if you do one thing . . . . PLEASE DON’T! Instead, STOP & THINK what they’re asking of you.

I’ve received several messages on a specific site, it’s always a younger man whose Co-Worker / Uncle / Friend or Boss just walked into their office/house and saw them on the Site and asked how it worked and in the meantime, before they pull up their own Profile, they’ve seen yours and think it’s really nice. They’ll leave either an e-mail address or a telephone # where you can get in touch with them.

NO! NO! NO! Total RED FLAG!!! DON’T BE SCAMMED! Below is the latest message I’ve received:


“Hello, how are you doing? my name is Brain, i am sorry to intrude but its for a good reason lol. i am sending out encouragement to you on your search on this site because i met my special one here few months back and we getting married in three weeks before the covid-19, congratulations to me hahaha. i am writing in regards to the scenario i had with my ex boss who is also a friend, his name is Merry, he is white and i told him how i met my fiancée, on trying to teach him how to navigate himself through my profile so he can decide whether he is interested to try this site, to his greatest surprise we stumbled on your profile and guess what, he took an immediate decision after carefully going through your profile, saying “I will like to know her more” i assure you he means well, we couldn’t find a way to search for your username so he decided to drop his email so you can please contact him even if its a hey or hi for a start. Here you go mer*****19** Thanks and i hope you two find your true happiness in each other”


LADIES . . . ? LISTEN UP! This is a SCAM!!!!

Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT contact these assholes!

INSTEAD . . . . Copy their message (or take a screen snapshot of it), then go to your REPORT a SCAM and report them. Then Paste their message into the Message Area of the Report. Then BLOCK them from ever being able to contact you again! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD!


I so loathe Dating Sites. I remember when they first appeared on the internet and I joined one. I was out with a friend and her hubby on an adventure, we stopped to get gas and her hubby asked, “Why would you put yourself out there like that?” My reply was, “Where else would you meet someone? At a bar? Not where I want to go to meet someone. Truly though, on a daily basis, we could be two ships passing one another on the highway; we will never meet like that. Sure, you’ve got to be safe about where you meet someone too. Always, always, always meet in a public place; Never go to someone’s house for a first meet [that’s just asking for trouble]. You’ve got to be smart and keep yourself safe. In the normal course of a day, I would never run across any of the men on that dating site. What a wonderful way to meet someone, don’t you think?” After contemplating it for a few moments, he agreed with me.

I stopped dating for a very long time; yes, I ran across someone who scared the crap out of me! But . . . we cannot let our fears define our lives; we need to face them and move on. To that end . . . I am facing my fears and moving on . . . .

Wish me luck! Ugh!

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