Dating Site Scammers, 03-07-21


Ladies tend to share more of themselves than men do on their Profiles. I believe it’s their emotional connection to the world. Just be careful ladies . . . especially you older women. If it sounds just a little too wild to be true, it probably is.

First Scammer I encountered in my life . . . the story was somewhat believable, but in the end . . . all MY power tools were missing, along with a lot of other stuff. Back before desktop computers, the way folks met one another were through the Personals in the back of the Newspaper, or the back of Good Times or some other News/Music publication. I’d met what I believed to be a really nice guy through there, we had a nice dinner together outside near the marina (though it was a freebie dinner a friend from the neighborhood owed me, as neither one of us had been paid that week, the rent was due, and so on and so forth). Anyway, we ended up at my place a few weeks later so he knew where I lived. Couple weeks went by, we were getting to know one another, then one Friday evening as I was pulling into the driveway of my tiny abode, I noticed his car outside my place; he was waiting for me to get home.

Here’s the SOB STORY I got that night . . . . As you know, I’ve been living with a friend and his wife. Sometimes he drinks too much and gets ornery, there’s no way to calm him down when he’s in that state of mind. He accused me of messing around with his wife; we had a huge fight and he kicked me out, but he wouldn’t let me take my belongings. All my stuff is still there, all my tools, everything. I’ve no place to go; can I stay here tonight and I’ll figure it all out in the morning. I thought, ‘Okay, what’s one night.’, then told him he couldn’t stay permanently because I was going through divorce. He agreed, just one night.

He ended up getting a place with a friend in another town. Eventually his angry buddy let him back into the house to collect his belongings and his tools. That is the SUPER SHORT VERSION to a very LONG Story.

The latest scammer’s story is just too, too sad . . . . . it gets less and less believable the more we text. Nobody’s problems, LADIES, are YOUR problems! Least of all someone you met for just a few dates.


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