GHOSTING . . . Rude and Unnecessary . . .

YOU created the Monster . . . . ONLY YOU can fix it!

We (women) get into our own heads and start overthinking certain situations . . .  If we texted someone and didn’t hear back from them . . . .  that’s right; we be texting you again.

You not interested in a woman . . . .?  Y’all got to make it clear; y’all got to lay that shit on the line.  Your “No response IS a response!” is downright RUDE!  Come on guys, where are the manners your Momma taught you?

Hey, you ever text a friend of yours and get no response???  Same scenario.  You try again in a few days, right?  Maybe they were out of town, maybe they busy with the wife and kids, maybe they hunting or fishing, maybe they missed your text, maybe they saw it during the day and forgot it at night.  LOTS of MAYBE’s in there.  Women?  Oh yeah!  We be thinking ALL those maybe’s too.

I would LOVE to know where, along the way . . . . you MEN got it in your heads that it’s just easier to ‘ghost’ a woman’s text messages, rather than laying it straight out on the line?  I think y’all created this monster you’re saying is OUR (a woman’s) fault.  If y’all had just come clean from the get-go, told the truth, so a woman knows BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED in her, rather than being an EFFIN COWARD about it . . . .

Or maybe you DO like talking to her, just not as much as she wants.   Then you need to say that too; something to the effect of:  “I like you as a person; I like our chats, but I just cannot do it as often as you’d like; I’ve other obligations in my life.”  And if you like talking to her, but aren’t interested in her, you could say it nice:  “I like you as a person, but not in a romantic way.  Yes, I like our chats/texts, but not as often as you’d like; I’ve other obligations in my life.”

It’s SO SIMPLE and yet . . .  y’all are making your lives SO COMPLICATED!!!

Try it this way for a while; you may just find that the way it’s been done for hundreds of years actually works and women won’t walk around saying you’re an asshole.  Because truly, using no manners and being rude makes you a total asshole / coward.

If all else fails . . .  try flipping the coin and asking:   “Aren’t there guys who come onto you that you’re not interested in?  Well see, there you go, I am not interested in you.  End of story!”

AND . . . if all the above fails . . . .  then blocking that person’s phone # or ghosting would be your only option, but NOT your first option!  Try using your manners first.

Life, as they say, might just become a lot less complicated.  Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

~ JA, 03-19-21

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