Dating Site Profile Pics

July 10, 2021

Are you on a Dating Site? Are you a Man seeking a Women? I have been on several different sites throughout my lifetime and there are several things I find disturbing.

A man is hopeful a woman will look at his Photo(s), his Profile wording and be totally awestruck and cannot wait to meet him. Okay, I get it!

What I don’t get is the photos they post, like they just rolled out of bed (some didn’t even get that far), and decided to take a photo with the toilet seat up and the scuzz of their life lurking around the top of the bowl. Or the background is such a creepy place, I truly believe you’re probably an ax murderer. Or they haven’t shaved in forever, and it’s quite apparent they haven’t had a haircut in the last decade either. Or they’re standing around in their underwear. I saw a photo where you could see the guy’s naked butt in the mirror behind him. I cannot wait to meet these men. Not!

The next is the man who thinks his bare chest is quite sexy, while he’s lying in bed with his tongue hanging out. Really? Are you sure? Personally? I prefer to find some things on a man when the time is right for those things to happen. Semi-Naked Photos (not on a beach) and sticking your tongue out at me on your Profile Pic does NOT get you Brownie Points. Sorry. Just saying.

Third, I don’t want to date your dog, horse, kitty, salamander, pig, etc. I hear this is an issue for Men seeking Women as well. Your Profile says you have pets; it even states what kind of pets you own; I don’t require a photo of your pet(s). I’ve a pet too, but I thought you clicked on my Profile to see what I bring to the table, what I am seeking in the long run, and the rest of the pics of ME, not my pussycat. LOL

And your car, truck, boat or motorcycle. Again, your Profile says you own a vehicle, awesome, me too . . . I’m glad you’ll be able to meet me for coffee somewhere. Did you know there are oodles of shallow women out there seeking a man with $$$$, their own home, and nice stuff? If that’s ALL you WANT them to SEE . . . . Great! Good Luck! Guys complain to me all the time . . . “Oh all they want to know is what type of job I have, how much money I make/have, when they’ll be able to go for a ride in my hot vehicle . . . . they’re not actually interested in ME!” What a surprise! Maybe your Profile is the culprit of your complaints.

And truly this really irks me. Men taking photos of themselves with their sunglasses on. Don’t you know that eyes are the windows to your soul? Ever seen someone with sunglasses on and when they take them off, you are thinking to yourself, ‘What was I thinking? What did I see in this person?’ That’s right, if I cannot see your eyes, I am clicking on the next Profile because it’s apparent you are hiding something. Oh! And those far away pics where I cannot make out anything because the person taking the photo was a mile away from you . . . . Or you’re not smiling. Got teeth? I read a Profile just this evening; the man’s Profile Caption was: “Always smiling!”, and yet . . . . not one photo of that man smiling and there were actually quite a few photos posted. Oh, and how about all the men with those baseball caps on? Inside, or at night. Bald? Not grown up yet?

OUTDATED PHOTOS!!! I don’t want to know what you looked like as a baby, in your teens, in your 20’s, 30’s or even ones from the past 5-10 years . . . I want to see a RECENT PHOTO. (Yes, men have this same issue with women’s photos.)

Oh! One more thing. When filling out your wording, if your Profile says, “Just Ask!” I’m not even going to bother, because it’s obvious you don’t think enough of yourself to even sit down and write about what you are actually seeking. Why bother paying the bucks to be on a Dating Site at all?

Dating Sites . . . . It’s so totally frustrating!

Thanks for letting me rant!

PS: The only reason I am still there is because I went to update my credit card info and didn’t realize there was a checkmark somewhere on the previous page that said I was signing up for an ENTIRE YEAR! Eeeek! Yeah, I’ve got some time left on my subscription.

D ~

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