Emotionally Abused? ~ July 15, 2021

Milford Falls_May 2015

We’ve ALL endured issues in life growing up, whether our folks stayed together or not.  I mean, afterall, no one’s life is perfect, and there’s a reason for that . . . . it’s called LIFE, and life is for the LIVING and LEARNING.

Some families hide it well, the walls are high, the façade remains intact while others . . . . ? , it’s a tad more visible and still others, totally blatant!

I’d gone out with someone back in the day, in my teen years . . .  his issues resonated within my own soul, and yet, while his pain was quite visible, as just going to his house sometimes was a painful experience, my life appeared peachy keen.

And yet, both teens were being Emotionally Abused, though one internalized it more because she never had a network of friends who actually heard it with their own ears.  She hadn’t any sympathizers because there simply wasn’t anything to sympathize about.  In fact, some people actually envied what they ‘thought’ she had (oh! that façade was high!).

Today she realizes, that similar to women whom continually choose abusive partners or return to them time and time and time again, an Emotionally Abused child grows up to choose what they’ve grown accustomed to, perhaps even what they perceive as “normal” when choosing partners along life’s pathways.  It’s a vicious circle.

JA ~ 071521

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