What Part of Fun in the Sun, 08-18-21

MEN . . . ??? Can you please EXPLAIN to ME what part of “Let’s go have “fun” in our touristy town!” screams I want to have sex with you? I even explained “FUN” . . . . Let’s go play Mini-Golf, ride the Go-Carts, hit the Beach and maybe the Splash Park afterwards, perhaps a Nice Dinner and Dancing in the Evening. (Even mentioned I can pay my own way.)

I’m a smidge beyond that whole LTR (Long Term Relationship) bullshit (drama) that tends to happen when a relationship starts to turn a tad stale . . . that same old hum-drum BS when, as a woman, I start to feel ‘owned’, rather than free. When my days start to be ‘planned’ for me and a man starts wanting to ‘stay over’ at my place. I like men; I do. I just don’t want to be ‘controlled’ by one. Been there. Done that. Several times now, thank you. I prefer single and free.

And then when I explain where I’m coming from (see previous paragraph), men start insulting me. WTF? Something to the effect of, “Enjoy dating multiple men. I don’t want to be one of the many.” Who said I am seeking multiple men?

I am seeking one man whose life is busy, similar to my own; someone who wants to play in the sun, have fun in our touristy town and go home at the end of the day. They’ve got their own home, their own stuff, their own lives too, but like myself are single and would like a companion to have dinner out with instead of eating out alone. Would like a companion to play mini-golf with or see who can make it over the finish line in a go-cart first, who wants to hit the splash park. Let’s have fun! Let’s be silly! Solo/Single tends to be lonely occasionally, but as a woman seeking a companion, WHY do men assume I am merely seeking sex when I say I like my freedom and single status? When I say I am not seeking a full-blown relationship? That is SO NOT RIGHT for y’all to automatically think that’s what I am seeking when I simply say, “Let’s go have fun in our touristy town!” What is wrong with y’all? Y’all need to get over yourselves!

MEN . . . ? When you get on those Dating Sites, have some RESPECT for the women whose Profiles you visit; DON’T read between the lines; there is no “between the lines”. The woman meant what she said, NOT what your little brain thought!

You see . . . this last person . . . I haven’t heard from him since the first night I actually spoke with him on the phone, a month ago. Back then, I explained what I was seeking; it wasn’t quite the same as what he was seeking. We said our good lucks (in your search) and good byes.

Half hour or so goes by, I get a dick pic. Wait! What????? I told him I was glad he showed me his TRUE COLORS (lol), what he was really hoping for, and that I really wasn’t interested. I told him I like to find those places on a man, WHEN the time is right, if our companionship ever progressed to that point, NOT before I’ve even met him. Of course he was angry, because in his little brain, he thought all I wanted was sex “with many men”, and if that’s what his little head was thinking, then why not with him? BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHAT MY PROFILE SAID!!! He tried to explain himself out of what he’d done by turning it around on me, AGAIN, and totally insulting me. That dick pic alone was an insult! I deleted his Contact Info from my phone that evening.

TODAY, almost a month later . . . . oh yeah, he’s baaaack . . . . wants to know if I’ve found a ‘permanent’ companion yet? First I asked him to refresh my memory of just exactly WHO he was. After I realized who it was, I reminded him that he wasn’t interested because we’ve different relationship values at this point in our lives.

Nope, that wasn’t good enough for him. Here we go again . . . We’re texting today, “So you want to play the field, right?” My reply was, “Not necessarily, just not seeking a LTR. I like my freedom.” His reply was beyond CRASS, “Let’s get together and f*ck all night long. Hope you like really big c*ck.” Seriously! I kid you not! My reply? “I’m not a booty call; my “fun” statement had nothing to do with sex. It had to do with playing in town like children. Mini-golf, go carts, splash park . . . . those things are things children like to do and they have “FUN” doing them. Let’s laugh and frolic and play in the sun. See . . . ? Not a thing to do with sex!” I continued, as I was steaming MAD now . . . “Why do men sexualize and try to read between a woman’s lines, rather than taking her statements at face value?” His reply? “I’m going to say goodbye.” My response? “I think that’s best. Bye!”

So you think that would’ve been the end, right? Not! There’s more; here come the insults again. His response was, “I wish you well. Enjoy dating multiple men. Hope you find what you’re looking for, I don’t want to be one of the many.” Def, I needed to respond. “I rarely date at all. Like I mentioned last time . . . you were one of the few I chose to communicate with.” I should’ve added something to the effect of, ” . . . because the majority of you are only thinking with your little brains.”, but . . . I was nice, too nice really. His response? “Bye. Good luck with life. I do wish you well.” I replied, “I seek one person who doesn’t want to be in my shit daily. They don’t need to know where I am 24/7, what I’m doing. Been there, done that.” He replied, Ok. Bye.”

I was still pissed he had the nerve to contact me at all (a second time) and said, “Why couldn’t you just have stayed GONE? You’re an insult to the Good Men out there.” He responded with, “There is the real you.”, to which I answered back, “You showed your true colors the night you thought you could get sex by sending a dick pic! You insulted me then and again today!” Response? “Again goodbye.” “See ya!” “Finally.” “Now stay gone!” “Then stop texting me. You are now blocked.”

YIPPEE! BEST NEWS I HAD ALL DAY! I hope he meant it. (He wasn’t in my Contacts; it was the Area Code of his # that alerted me of who he might’ve been when the original text message came in today.)

GUYS? WTF? Really . . . . ? STOP trying to read between the lines! I’ve got to admit, y’all suck at it and you always get it wrong because your little brain gets in the way of rational thinking. Take what she said at face value.

I know you’re just dying to know what my story is . . . LOL

You see . . . I lost a LOT of stuff along life’s pathways . . . I just need to stay single and free; it’s taken waaay too long to get here, from there, and I decided this is the best way for me, but again, it is sometimes a lonely pathway and a “Let’s go have fun!” companion would be nice every once in a while . . . just not every day!


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  1. You are SO right! Although I am in a committed ,(50 years!) married relationship, I can tell you that unless you are aggressive, most men don’t think with their head, they let their little head lead them. I think it has something to do with that “men are from Mars, women from Venus” thing. Some men never grow up. That’s why we constantly read stories about the Andrew Cuomo’s of the world. “No” still means “no” in any language. Continue to look for fun relationships and keep your trigger finger handy for the block button.


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