Your Children’s News [Post Safely], 08-16-22

While I understand the concept behind PROUD Parents/GrandParents wanting to share the accomplishments of their Children/Grandchildren with their Family and Friends . . .  it’s the manner in which they go about doing it that is of concern of to me.

Each and every time you Post something on Facebook, you’ve got to choose WHO can SEE your Posts. To the right of your name is a little icon with a down arrow (photos on left, above); you’ve got “choices” there (photo on right, above).  Do you want the ENTIRE WORLD to SEE your Posts?  If so, Post Public.  However, if you only want  your friends and family to see those posts, choose “Friends”.

I’d have to believe you DO NOT WANT the entire world to see the Information you Post about your children; (their photos, their Names, the School they Attend, Their Birthday [including year], What Grade they’re in now, the Bus Company’s Name and Bus # they’re taking to School, What Activities they’re doing after school along with the # on their jerseys, etc. 


IF you happen to CHANGE the drop-down to PUBLIC [for whatever reason], you’ve GOT TO CHANGE IT BACK to “Friends” with your very next Post, otherwise it stays as “Public” for all subsequent Posts till you Change it again!

With kids heading back to school . . . sure, you want to Post those photos of their First Day Back to School, but Post the pics . . . . and skip those CUTE little Signs showing their Names, Grades, Birth Dates, what their hobbies, sports, etc are . . . . And if do utilize those cutesy little signs, PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN you are NOT POSTING them PUBLIC!!!

In a world full of Creeps and Predators, Keep Your Kids Safe!!!

Peace in Your Hearts!

~ Jennifer April, 08-16-22


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