Spring Clean Out ~ 03-19-17

Rather than starting the next vest, I decided to go upstairs to clean out the room which eventually will be my Crafting Room.  I went to Walmart and bought a few bins for all the yarn up there; that was yesterday, today I bought a few more.  Then I opened all the yarn bags of the yarn I bought to make the wedding blanket for my youngest son and galpal and plopped it all into the biggest bin I bought.  There isn’t going to be a wedding; the honeymoon is over.  C’est la vie . . . .  I’m glad he found out before the engagement; saved himself a ton of bucks!

Then I opened all the bags of leftover baby yarn and plopped all of it in another bin.

There’s oodles of paperwork that has to be gone through too, mountains of it.  More ‘stuff’.

I found the two bags of garbage I’d collected at my desk at work over the past ten years; I remember I got really PO’d one day and was going to quit so I grabbed some grocery bags from my car and stuffed all the crap from my desk into them.  I ran back into them today upstairs; more ‘stuff’ to go through.  Ugh!

I think I’m just going to start trashing it all, afterall, you can only keep so much ‘stuff’ in your home and mine is on overload right now.

I remember my step-Mom offering to come over to help; unfortunately there’s nothing here that is of sentimental value to her, so she’d just toss it all.  I am not at that point yet, but close.

My son is coming home to roost for a little bit till he’s back on his feet; his room needs to be cleared out by time he gets here.  Am not certain of the timeframe, but soon . . . maybe I’ve got a month before it happens.  That isn’t much time, especially if you’ve seen the rooms upstairs.  I did, however, make a HUGE dent today in the crafting room, rid myself of one whole side of the room.

I’m going to trash the beds I took from my mother’s place before she moved into her condo.  One bed slides under a table and the other one has two bolsters upon it.  I took the beds because I was going to do something with them, but the mattresses are stained and they’re not full size so they’re not readily replaceable.  I thought of tying them together and adding a full mattress , but the mattress would be a tad shorter on the sides so I’ve just decided to trash them once and for all and maybe put the daybed back up there.  We’ll see, first I’ve got to get all that stuff out of there.

There’s a mountain of comforters and quilts and blankets.  I’m going to call the Women’s Crisis Center and see if they can use them.  I know they’re always looking for things for the women moving out of the crisis center and out on their own, needing their places to be furnished.  Or if they’re not interested, I can put them all up on FreeCycle.  Of course, I could have a Tag Sale too, but that’s too much work; I’d rather give them away to good homes, to folks who truly need them.  And if no one wants them?  Off to Good Will they shall go!

And now it’s time for snoozing . . . .

D ~



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  1. Sounds like a ton of work-productive, but work just the same! Oh, try Goodwill for some of your stuff.They will even give you some paperwork so you can claim a charitable donation on your taxes next year.


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