A New Direction ~ May 31, 2019

I agree!  I escaped, AGAIN!  Oh, but so much has happened in that timeframe.

After the split with that Southern gentleman, I decided to continue on my quest, with my decision to move South.  The job gets worse every day, the stress is beyond a reasonable level and not just by my standards; every single person I’ve spoken to, in every department, feels the same as myself.  Everyone is stressed beyond stressed beyond stressed!  

Last October/November, I started doing some homework on the Internet; I googled North vs South Carolina, Pros & Cons of each State.  I looked at Flood Maps, where the rivers & lakes are, Sink Holes, Tornado Alley (yes, in the Carolinas), Tax Incentives, Property Taxes, Personal Taxes, Taxes on Social Security, then I googled Reputable Builders in SC.  I called Realtors for their opinions on those builders and decided upon one.

During Thanksgiving, I went to visit a few of the builder’s communities where I thought I’d like to hang my hat and found in order to purchase one of the builder’s homes, I’d have to be pre-approved.  However, in order to be pre-approved to purchase a home in the State of SC, you’ve got to have a job in the State of SC.  I spoke with folks in the finance companies; they decided to run it as a Vacation Home, but their companies didn’t like my debt to income ratio.  In the end, they told me to sell my current home & come back after I had.  I found another way.

In the meantime, a friend who works for Coldwell Banker saw my posts on FB and noted she could do a Market Analysis on my home, when I was ready.  She did and suggested I make my home appear ‘open & airy’.  Basically?  Get rid of your stuff!  Ha!  She should have seen it before she saw it!  I asked where I should put it all?  “Pack it up!  Put it in your garage!”  Well there’s a place I hadn’t thought of.  When she finally took photos of the place, I sent them to my step-Mom; her comment was, “Holy Crap!!!  It looks great!”

I went to Contract late March/early April on my brand new home in SC.  Picked the model I wanted, all my colors (inside and out); flooring, cabinets, counters, add-on’s, etc.  Just got back from the South this past weekend; the house is up, the roof was almost finished when I left, the inside rooms have been framed.  It’s happening.  I’m doing it.  Told folks I feel as though I’m jumping off a cliff, hoping to sprout wings.  They all say I’ll be just fine.  I sold my home in CT after two weeks on the market.

It was time for a change; a New Direction!


Once I’ve placed my words upon this page . . .  this article has now been published.  It belongs solely to me.  Please do not infringe upon my rights as a writer; do not steal my words as your own.  Thank you.

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