I did it! ~ December 17, 2019

Dec 10 2019 Sunset on the Lake

December 2019 ~ Above is the view from my back door.  THIS is the life!

Yesterday, 12-16-19, it was 71 degrees; I sat in the sun to improve upon my current tan, listened to the melody of my wind chime as the gentle breezes flowed across my body.  Mmmm . . . .  Paradise.

I officially quit my job up North on August 15th, furniture was picked up on the 17th and delivered to my new home on the 21st.  Since that time I have been writing and while doing so, the book took a turn with an undercurrent that requires telling.  Additionally, another story flowed from the first which is being added to daily/weekly as it unfolds.  Lots going on.

I have not finished unpacking, however, the inside of my home has now been painted the colors I wanted and all the pictures were hung just yesterday.

Now it is time to finish unpacking.  Everything which does not find a home in my new home is being sent to either Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity for their Re-Store.  I decided nothing except holiday decorations will be left in containers, never to see the light of day again.  My children will love me for this whenst I expire!

Merry Christmas to All and To All a Good Night!

D  ~

PS:  I am writing under my pseudo writing name of:  Jennifer April.

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