Timing was Essential ~ Dec 22, 2019

This morning at church, the message was God’s Way (leap of faith) or Man’s Way (common sense).

As the Minister spoke, it reminded me of an e-mail I’d recently re-read that I’d sent to friend with regard to my decision to quit my job and move to a new State.  (My “Leap of Faith”, hopeful to sprout wings.)

The Minister noted when we put our faith in God, we can look back upon our lives and see that with each new ‘Leap of Faith’, there were “reasons” for the LEAP during that particular timeframe.

I see it and I thought of my Writing and the new friends I’ve made down here in the South.

Timing was Essential – When I made the Leap – I can now SEE it was perfect timing, on so many levels.

Keep the Faith of the Lord in your Endeavors!

Take the Leap!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!


Transformation Time_2018

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