MatchMaker Dating Services – 11/19/2021

Marbles . . . . Losing mine!

Over the years, I’ve joined a few dating sites. I’ve even paid for a few to “upgrade”, hoping to get a better clientele than what I refer to as the “Low Life Bottom Feeders” of the world. Trust me Ladies, it doesn’t matter whether they pay for the site or not, Men, are all basically the same, seeking one thing, despite what their Profiles say.

I’ve done Plenty of Fish (aka POF) e-Harmony, Zoosk, Match, and the list goes on. Zoosk was a tad creepy in that every day it appears people are checking your Profile 10-20 times a day, which isn’t true. Like I said, it “appears” you’ve got a LOT of stalkers. I finally figured out you’ve got to match the Views to the Who Checked You Out (again, for the zillionth time). Turns out, they don’t gel. And, you have to actually join ($$$) that site in order to utilize any of their features; got to be waaaay too expensive; every time you wanted to see something, they asked for another fee.

I actually found e-Harmony to be the best, IF you truly are seeking a life partner; their process is long and drawn out, but the matches are spot on and I’ve heard numerous recommendations to e-Harmony as well.

Along the same lines as e-Harmony, I got to thinking that I truly am seeking a needle in a million haystacks . . . . I saw an Ad online about a local MatchMaking Service and thought, ‘What the hell, I’ve tried all the others, maybe this type of avenue will work.’ So, I called them up, made an appointment, went to their local office, took their Personality Test and joined their huge list (so they say) of potential prospects. The deal was I’d get 6 potential prospects over a 2 year timeframe; I had to e-mail them after each connection and let them know how things went, whether we’d be seeing one another again, or whether they should move forward with finding another potential prospect for me, or place my membership ‘on hold’. (PS: Don’t do what I did!)

To date, I’ve been matched with four prospective gentlemen, all of whom I’ve never actually met, as it was determined after an initial phone call, we weren’t right for one another. No fault on either one of our parts; the “service” lied to us about what each of us were seeking in a mate. (Go back and re-read my PS message above!)

On my way to a WW meeting a couple months ago, I got to thinking it had been a while since I’d received any more prospective matches, so I went online and found the office I contracted with had Permanently Closed. Uh Oh! Hmmm . . . . Now what? Do I want one of their other offices (2 hours away from me) to try to find a match from their database or should I send a message seeking a refund? I decided upon the refund route because afterall, their services weren’t living up to what they’d originally promised.

A few days later I received a message . . . . “We’re still here; can you send me the site where it says we’re closed?” ‘Sure, no problem.’ But before I did, I went back to that same site, and low and behold, the office is miraculously re-opened and the caption underneath the photo of the building is: Updated 1 week ago. A week later I get another prospective referral, but this time around, they asked me first if I’d like to meet him? Sure, why not? Can’t be any worse than the rest.

So far . . . we’ve talked on the phone, however, with the holiday upon us, it may be a week or so before we actually meet. In the meantime, we gabbed about our likes/dislikes, folks in our lives, our daily routines, etc.

I shall keep you updated . . . . there’s one ‘red flag’ already that has surfaced and we haven’t even met yet! (Go back and re-read my PS message.)

~ JA, 11-19-21


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